Will Creator

Will Creator

Achieve peace of mind by writing a will at a fraction of the cost of engaging a lawyer.

Your will is an important legal document that, once executed by being signed in the presence of two independent witnesses, means that your final wishes are understood and are less likely to be contested in court. It’s never too early to give your family that peace of mind that everything is sorted.

With MeaVitae everything regarding the assets in your will – description, location of documentation, contact details about beneficiaries, is stored in one place making it incredibly easy for your executors to distribute your estate to people, organisations and charities quickly.

Easy to use

Our easy to use interface leads you through questions to help draft your will. The system generates a basic will based on the answers that you can print and have witnessed to achieve peace of mind.

Import your existing contacts

Contacts are at the heart of all your planning. Since you already have this information on your phones and on social media, use our Importer tools to get yourself up and running quickly.

Store relevant information

Along with the basics like the name and value of an asset, include relevant information like where original documents and the asset are stored. Remember where your wealth is invested and list the organisations you owe money to see where it goes each month.

Connect with 3rd party specialists

If you have complex affairs, use our Will Creator and then let us connect you with a specialist who can tailor your will to your specific needs.

Demystify the jargon

The language used around wills can seem confusing. What is an Executor and do I need one? How does Guardianship work? Allay your fears by using our Knowledge Base and move towards the future with confidence.


Avoid dying intestate

If you die without a will then you have no control over what happens to your estate. The Rules of Intestacy will decide who gets your wealth. Remember, if you are in a long term relationship but are not married or in a civil partnership, your partner might get nothing at all based on the rules.