Rules for Tokens
Published: Tuesday, Mar 14, 2023

Terms of Use for Tokens


Customer - any individual capable of purchasing a credit card regardless of whether they are a personal subscriber or their subscription is given to them via another party.
MeaVitae Token (MVT) - A digital voucher which grants fractional rights to goods and services exclusively within the MeaVitae App. It has no functional value outside of this context.

Application - the secure online platform on which users log in and where they can store data, send certain messages and access products and services through the MeaVitae shop.

Purchasing Tokens

  • MeaVitae Tokens (MVT) are used to access products and services within the Application.
  • Purchase of tokens must be via credit card through our payment gateway supplier, currently Revolut.
  • The conversion rate for MVT is that each MVT is currently worth GBP 0,10 although MaeVitae reserves the right to alter the conversion rate at any time and without notice.
  • MVT is sold in whole-number denominations.
  • Following a valid purchase of MVT through the payment gateway, the number purchased will be allocated to your MeaVitae online wallet, accessible from within the Application.
  • You are entitled to a 14-day cooling-off period immediately after purchasing MVT. You can request a refund for all those tokens purchased, provided they have not been spent within the Application.
  • The user’s account must have a sufficient token balance to support this refund.
  • Any refund requires the original receipt, and that receipt will specify the number of tokens. A refund request will fail should the user’s wallet have insufficient tokens to match the refund request.
  • Tokens are non-transferrable between customers.
  • Tokens may not be exchanged for another currency.

Purchasing Products & Services

  • Products and services available to Customers are displayed within the Application.
  • All product and service prices (except physical security keys) are listed in MVT.
  • Purchases are covered by our Terms of Purchase (found here →
  • Upon purchase, the cost of the product or service is immediately deducted from your MeaVitae online wallet.
  • Digital products will be made available immediately for use within the Application.
  • For services, an initial secure communication will be initiated automatically between the Customer and the Vendor, who will manage all activities related to the service purchased.
  • If following initial contact between a Customer and a Vendor, it is decided that the selected Service cannot be discharged, the Vendor, at their discretion, can return the purchase price in MVT to the consumer.
  • If you do not have enough MVT at the time to cover a purchase, you will be prompted to purchase more via our payment gateway.

Disputes leading to refunds for Services

  • If you have a dispute with a Vendor, you should first attempt to resolve it with them directly.
  • Only once an attempt at a resolution between the Customer and the Vendor has been attempted will MeaVitae intervene.
  • After obtaining all the facts and solely at MeaVitae’s discretion, the purchase price in MVT may be returned to the customer if the dispute is held against the Vendor.
  • The Vendor or the Customer can ask MeaVitae to arbitrate or seek external independent arbitration.
  • A decision to refund the Customer will be based on the outcome of any arbitration and will be final.

Customer Account Closure

If customers close their accounts, there is no right to return or refund.

You may request a refund within 48 hours of a token purchase. Meavitae, will not refund the tokens purchased in cases where the refund would result in the user's token balance being negative.

Enterprise Customers Terms of Use for Tokens


Enterprise Customer - any business or organisation that purchases licences to the Application allowing third parties such as employees or customers to use MeaVitae.

Purchasing Tokens

  • Enterprise customers who intend to gift MVT to others should contact Meavitae directly.
  • The Enterprise customers inform MeaVitae of the number of MVT required and will be duly invoiced.
  • The Enterprise customers must provide a list containing the MeaVitae user accounts to which the MVT will be allocated and the number required for each.
  • Upon invoice payment, MeaVitae will allocate the MVT as desired based on the allocation supplied.
  • The Enterprise customer is responsible for ensuring the allocation information is correct.
  • Enterprise customer transactions are not refundable or covered by a 14-day cooling-off period.

Refunds on termination of the contract

  • Enterprise-purchased MVT that have been allocated are not refundable at the cancellation of a subscription contract.