Secure Digital Vault

Secure Digital Vault

MeaVitae provides an ultra-secure digital vault to record information about assets, liabilities, in fact anything that you consider important now and in the future.

Whether storing important paperwork, planning for your life or securing your legacy for future generations, you want to know it’s safe.

Using our digital vault you can be certain that all this information is stored so that only you and the people you nominate can ever see it.

We know that you value your privacy and we provide a GDPR compliant ‘safe space’ that scrambles, encrypts, your information using hardware-based technology to create what we believe to be a 100% secure area for your data.

Our solution uses strong hardware based PKI encryption coupled with multi-factor authentication. A unique feature of MeaVitae is that all secure functions are local to your machine meaning there is no way to access your data without the physical connection to a designated MeaVitae Key, a valid PIN code and MeaVitae account. We will continue to invest in and evolve our technology to maintain the highest security standards possible for your data.

But remember, security is as much about behaviour as it is about technology.

– Keep your key safe, keep your backup key safer!
– Only plug your key in to your machine, when asked by MeaVitae
– Don’t share passwords
– Change your passwords regularly
and when dealing with any online service.. Read, Think, Click.

Secure your life

Use your vault to store everything that is important to you both now and in the future.

Be remembered

Use your vault to store your memories for safekeeping and to help others understand their legacy.

Quit worrying

Keep everything in one place under your ultra-secure digital ‘lock and key’ so only you and those you nominate can access it.