The MeaVitae platform has been created so you can store everything that is important to you in a digital vault, secured using the latest state of the art hardware technology so it’s only visible to you.

Life Management Platform

If you care how your friends and family will cope if something happens to you, MeaVitae has everything they need to pick up your affairs, all in one place.

Because you have all your assets and liabilities together, you can see what you are worth and if you want to enhance your value MeaVitae, with your consent, can connect you to trusted 3rd party advisors.

Plan today and tomorrow will look after itself.

MeaVitae. Life management, simple and secure.

Formulate your will with assets, liabilities & outgoings

Record the beneficiaries of gifts in your will against the assets to help speed up the administration of your estate.

Keep your will in sync with assets & personal finance

Use asset information to ensure that you give the items that mean the most to you to the right people.

View your net worth at a glance

With your financial and investment information all in one place, you can see your Net Worth whenever and wherever you like at the touch of a button.

View all your paperwork

Replace mountains of paper and rows of filing cabinets by storing your paperwork in one place, saving you countless hours trying to find the things you need.

List & search asset details

Record information about your assets, liabilities and outgoings to help manage your life and get a handle of what you have and what you are worth.

View maturity dates

Keep an eye on when investments will mature so you can plan for the future and for when subscriptions are ending so you can change supplier and save money.

Take private communication to the next level

Communicate with MeaVitae friends and share information with 3rd parties using our completely secure messaging system ensuring neither Google nor Microsoft can ever read your emails again.

Seek legal advice

It can lead to anxious times when you need legal support so why not seek advice from our Legal Services partner who can provide peace of mind at reasonable rates.