Plans & Pricing

Choose the plan that is right for you. All MeaVitae plans include: Basic Wills, our exclusive Knowledge Base, and our network of Specialist Advisors.

* Initial subscription charge includes surcharge of £50 for two physical security keys

Please see Terms and Conditions here for our policy on refunds and returns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does MeaVitae cost?

Our annual, 3-year and 5-year purchase pricing plans range from £249 to £649. That’s the equivalent of from £11/month to less than £21/month.

This includes the non-refundable cost of £50 for the MeaVitae security keys. There is no additional monthly charge for the access, data exchange or the management of the MeaVitae platform.

What do the MeaVitae purchase plans include?

All pricing plans provide 2 MeaVitae security keys and include access to our Will and Contract Creator tool, your Secure Digital Vault and Net Worth Dashboard plus ability to connect with our professional Inheritance and Life Management services (fees may apply).

The MeaVitae Will Creator lets you connect your assets with your contacts and these bequests are stored to create a will document so that you can be sure that you look after the people who are the most important to you.

Why MeaVitae?

Much of our financial information is stored by 3rd party providers such as banks and investment companies but do other people know these accounts exist?

MeaVitae encourages you to record details, including passwords if you wish, to all your accounts and investments in one ultra-secure place, encrypted using state of the art technology so that nothing is lost even if you don’t want people to know about things now.

Is MeaVitae 100% secure?

We provide you with the latest, state of the art hardware technology to verify who you are and to secure your data. This means that you are getting the best security solution currently available to protect your information and identity.

Provided you keep your hardware key and PIN safe, then even if your log-in credentials are compromised, no one not even MeaVitae, can access your account or view your private information. The chances of a breach are billions to 1.

How can this technology really protect the data in my digital vault?

The technology we use takes the concept of authentication and data security to the next level and when used in conjunction with a username & password and PIN, the combined information provides an extremely secure form of security.

The hardware key acts as a tiny computer which can both authenticate you and store digital tokens used to secure your data and is virtually impossible to fake. These features combine to ensure that your digital vault is as secure as it can be using current technology.

Can I use the encryption key with my mobile device?

Our encryption key comes with a USB-C connector for use with laptops and PCs and Near Field Communication (NFC) wireless technology for connecting to mobile devices.

You can use the key with Apple devices that support NFC once the key has been registered via a laptop or PC. We do not support Android devices at the present time, we are working on it!

Many high-end mobile devices can support NFC reading but several popular devices do not. Please check with your product documentation as to whether your device supports NFC reading if you want to use MeaVitae on a mobile device.

MeaVitae currently supports Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge and we recommend using a laptop or PC for the best experience.