Here at MeaVitae, we know that building relationships with partners who can spread the word about the value of our platform is vital and beneficial to both parties.


You know your customers’ needs and we have developed the tools and services your clients need to simplify their lives.

And to top it all we want to reward partnerships by offering commission for customers you sign up to the platform.

  • For accountants, clients can make the information needed for their tax returns available at the touch of a button.
  • For solicitors, we help start the conversations about wills, guardianship and inheritance tax which can help drive work in your direction.
  • For IFAs, having your clients information in the platform lets you suggest ways to consolidate pensions, take advantage of tax-free saving and offer wealth-generating investments.


Join our team of partners! MeaVitae is unique in that we provide a suite of tools and features and act as a ‘one stop shop’ allowing customers to record information about & the valuation of their assets & liabilities, understand their net worth, and consider how best to plan for their future.

By making the mundane things in life easy, MeaVitae can revolutionise the way people live their lives and let them plan for that dream house, that holiday of a lifetime or just to spend more time with the family.

We also know that not everyone is an expert. You don’t necessarily have a network of contacts in every field, so MeaVitae can connect your clients with trusted professionals in wealth management, pensions, and specialist legal areas to help them make the most of what they have and prepare for the unexpected.

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