Legal Services

Legal Services

There will be times when you need access to trusted legal advice to plan and achieve peace of mind. MeaVitae has an agreement with a firm that provides sound advice on all legal matters from wills through conveyancing and can even act as a mediator in disputes you may have.

So join up to get access to all the legal advice you need, all from one place, and using ultra secure messaging to share documents when required.

Modify your will

The Meavitae Will covers the basics but if you have complex affairs like overseas property you might need to make changes. Our legal services supplier understand our philosophy and technology and will help you make changes fast.

Buying property

Buying property is the biggest expense you will ever make. So why leave the legal conveyancing to someone you have never heard of?  Our legal services supplier can provide clear unbiased advice for all your home buying needs.

Settle disputes

Legal disputes cause anxiety, stress and can be expensive so why not try mediation first? MeaVitae can offer you this easy and cheap way to find common ground through our legal services partnership.