Legal Documents

Legal Documents

Solicitors will charge you by the hour to draft a bespoke contract when in reality a standard form will do.

As a member of MeaVitae you can purchase legal contracts to make running your life easier. For small fees you can buy many types of documents. To view a sample of what is available, click here

Buying a template couldn’t be easier but the peace of mind it brings is immeasurable. So simplify your life by joining MeaVitae today to access our library of documents and contracts that cover all of life’s events.

Legal Documents

Drafting legal documents can be costly but often you only need a standard form to help with planning your life. Become a member and purchase dozens of basic forms to take the stress out of life.

Advance Decision

What if you couldn’t express your medical issues due to an accident? A Living Will lets you say how you want to be treated and who should be consulted. Legally binding but without the formal requirements of a Last Power of Attorney, why not give your family peace of mind by purchasing a MeaVitae Advance Decision?

Child Care

Need to employ a child carer? Why not rapidly draft an agreement to cover expected duties using our Child Care Contract? Then give the carer rights to seek medical care and take the children travelling using our Medical & Travel consents.