Inheritance Management

Inheritance Management

​Thinking about inheritance is a vital part of planning your legacy. Failure to consider its implications can mean that you end up having much less to give those around you. If you die without a will you get no say in who inherits your estate whilst still potentially being liable to pay inheritance tax (IHT).


IHT is a tax on the value of your estate over a certain threshold and must be paid to HMRC before your executors can start distributing your estate. Some see inheritance tax as a fair way to distribute wealth in society and believe people should be prepared to pay. Others feel that people who have worked hard and paid their taxes shouldn’t be penalised in death and have less to give to people, organisations and charities they care about.

Using MeaVitae ensures your executors have everything they need to handle your affairs ensuring your beneficiaries do not have to wait months or years with added stress before everything is sorted.

Mitigate the Inheritance Tax ‘nightmare’

Reduce your tax liability by finding out what you have and owe, then take advantage of your gift allowances.

Manage your legacy

By planning your legacy you can make sure the things that matter to you go to the right people and not to the Tax Man.

Connect with 3rd Parties

Beyond gifts, you can use trusts to mitigate your tax liability and we can connect you with specialist advisors who can enhance your will to take advantage of options available to you.