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Meavitae's defenses against a data breach

Written by Itziar

In today's digital era, a data breach poses a serious threat, involving unauthorised access to sensitive information like medical records and financial details. This form of cybercrime affects both individuals and companies, with significant consequences. The alarming increase in data breaches over recent years is sometimes only evident after the fact, leaving millions of victims unaware of the compromise. When data is stolen, criminals can exploit it in various ways, from accessing personal emails, PayPal, or Instagram accounts to more serious breaches like online banking and credit fraud. Identity fraud, a rapidly growing cyber threat, is challenging to detect. Unlike a direct theft of money, victims may not immediately notice that their information has been stolen. Criminals use information like names, addresses, dates of birth, or email addresses to gather additional details. This can lead to criminals obtaining loans, mortgages, phone contracts, or other forms of credit in the victim's name. The consequences of a data breach extend to financial loss and operational disruptions, impacting a company's reputation and resulting in high, challenging-to-identify costs. Historically, notable data breaches include LinkedIn in 2021, where data of 700 million users, including email addresses and phone numbers, was compromised. In 2019, a leak exposed data from over 500 million Facebook users. eBay suffered an attack in 2014, affecting around 145 million users, with the breach discovered 229 days later. In 2013, Yahoo faced severe account compromises. In the face of escalating data breach risks, Meavitae offers a robust defence for digital information. Think of Meavitae as a powerful protector, utilising a secure hardware key, like a digital lock, to ensure the safety of personal data. Meavitae's secure hardware key acts as a digital guard, keeping information secret and safe even in the event of a breach. As long as you have your Meavitae key and the PIN, your information will be safe. This key, supported by robust encryption, is a smart solution for those prioritising the security of their crucial information. Explore the user-friendly features of Meavitae at and take proactive steps to fortify your digital world against the constant threat of data breaches.

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