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How well protected are your documents from disasters?

Written by Itziar

Disasters are unexpected, regardless of where you live, and it's crucial to be prepared for them before it's too late. Preparation in our homes must include keeping important information in a safe and accessible place.

Ensuring your most vital information is secure can help you pick up the pieces of your life after a disaster.

So, how do we begin to protect our documents?

Below, we provide a list of essential documents you should keep safe:


  • Passport
  • National Insurance card
  • Driver's licence


  • Birth or adoption certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Vehicle documentation
  • Last will and living will
  • Powers of attorney


  • Property deeds or leases
  • Mortgage documents


  • Bank and credit card statements
  • Loan documents
  • Receipts and titles for large purchases
  • Homeowners and auto insurance policies
  • Tax returns


  • Medical records
  • Insurance policies: Health, life, disability, and/or long-term care
  • COVID-19 vaccination card
  • Allergy information
  • List of prescriptions

Now, where should we keep these documents?

Digitising your documents is the best option! Saving them in your MeaVitae account will allow you to access them at all times.

With the MeaVitae platform, you can manage all your family documents. Remember to include your child's birth certificate, your spouse's will, or their insurance policy. As MeaVitae works as a security key, it is fully portable and accessible from anywhere to use at any time.

Achieve peace of mind by having all your documentation ready for when you need it most!

MeaVitae doesn't just serve as a digital vault for storing documents; you can also keep pictures, videos, passwords, and contacts. We help you organise your life!

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