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How do you achieve work-life balance?

Written by Itziar

Often, work can become so important in our lives that we tend to forget everything. Our desire to succeed professionally is so great that we forget about ourselves and completely ignore our personal life.

The new technologies that allow employees to be available 24 hours a day, the fear of losing their jobs and the toxic work culture have turned working hours into endless moments of stress in which it becomes difficult to reach work and personal balance.

However, all the experts agree that having a personal and professional balance generates positive effects on physical, mental, and even professional health.

How can we reach that work-life balance?

Although work-life balance can mean different things to each individual, health and work specialists agree on specific strategies to achieve work-life balance.

The key here is organisation. Getting organised is essential if you want to see progress in what you are doing, and along with this, you should try to be much more productive if what you seek must be accomplished concisely.

Start with small actions: New habits seem huge when starting them, but this is because we visualise the whole task instead of dividing it into parts. Achieving work-life balance breaks our goal down into small tasks that we can accomplish every day.

Don't waste time: A great way to achieve work and personal balance is to prioritise your activities and distinguish between crucial tasks and which ones you should not dedicate more than a few minutes of your time to.

Although being organised and productive are skills that require a long process to be learnt, some tools can make things easier for you and make your activities much easier to manage so that you will become more productive at the end of the day.

Have you ever thought about the idea of having a life management platform?

There is currently software that can help you manage some aspects of your work life. Some platforms present you with the number of hours saved that you would obtain using and depending on your work team. Some other platforms allow you to put all your meetings and appointments together. But what about a platform where you can store all your personal information, such as passwords, pensions, insurance, secrets and essential documents related to your assets and liabilities? Where you can keep track of your estate too. And a place where you can seek legal aid if needed. That is what MeaVitae offers: the possibility of having your life organised within a completely encrypted system to bring you peace of mind and a focus on what is important-LIVE LIFE.

There is no perfect work-life balance, but we can learn skills to make our work and personal life more manageable. We also have MeaVitae to help us reach that organisation and focus on productivity.

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