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10 time management tips

Written by Itziar

Poor time management is a constant in our lives. Procrastination, checking social media at work to disconnect, and performing the first tasks that come to mind without thinking about whether they are important are some manifestations of poor planning.

Successful people know how important it is to manage time; while doing so is tricky, it's possible.

We believe that following these recommendations will help you improve life management to pay attention to more important tasks:

  1. Identify what you spend your time on. Keep a record of the hours you invest in your work and in your spare time.
  2. Make a list of your tasks, calculating your time on each. Then, consider delegating functions to other people or removing unnecessary ones.
  3. Prioritize your activities by classifying them by their importance. If you need help with this, highlight those essential to meet your needs.
  4. Making small changes to your daily routine will help you free up time.

For example, if you get up an hour earlier, you could improve the organization of your day. Thus, you would have more time if you faced unexpected events, such as traffic problems or domestic calamities.

5. Consider limiting the use of televisions, computers, or mobile devices when they are not being used productively. This will avoid distractions and delays in your tasks.

6. Keep a calendar of appointments and work or personal events. It doesn't matter if it's a desktop planner or a mobile app; choose the one you find easier to handle.

7. Start with the Hardest Tasks

Once you have a to-do list, it's time to start working on ticking off those boxes. Start by defining which are the most urgent issues. One trick to managing time is to complete the most difficult tasks in the morning when you are usually most productive. You will have taken a load off your shoulders by completing those tasks early.

8. Stop Postponing Tasks for 5 Minutes

These are all the things you always say you're going to do: unsubscribe from an annoying newsletter, write to an old friend you want to get back in touch with, print some photos from your last trip, and send a document to your insurance company.

We all have dozens of five-minute tasks that we plan to do one day when we have time, but we keep procrastinating. Stop procrastinating and start taking action!

9. Set a Timer

You can set a time limit for your task if there is, for example, a report you need to write, so challenge yourself: set a timer and start working.

You will feel the need to have something to show during these two hours, and automatically you will be more efficient, and you will avoid procrastinating activities or answering your phone every five minutes.

10. Give 100% in Every Activity.

When you get involved in an activity, commit to giving 100%. To avoid wasting time and energy changing gears, try to group similar jobs. Schedule time for each activity and stick to it.

The same concept applies to your rest. When you take a break, really take it. Have a coffee, talk to your colleagues, go out for a few minutes, walk, and don't stay at your computer watching videos.

If you put these strategies into practice to manage your time, you can open spaces for those things that interest you so much, such as sharing with your family and friends or giving yourself a moment. You will also have the time to stop postponing tasks such as writing a will and organising your personal information within Meavitae.

Meavitae helps you with your life's most important decisions! With the Meavitae platform, taking care of your time to truly live life was never easier.

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